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Terms of Service

Classes, readings, and any services offered are not a substitute for professional advice in the fields of medicine, mental health, finance, or law. Clients should not rely on these services as a replacement for consulting with qualified professionals in these areas. Pixie Dust and its contractors cannot be held responsible for any outcomes or consequences resulting from the consultation or decisions made based on the session. There are no guarantees, implied warranties, or assurances of any kind associated with the services provided. Clients are fully responsible for their interpretation of the insights presented and any actions they take as a result.

The fees paid for services compensate consultants, readers, teachers, and practitioners for their time and effort on behalf of the client and are non-refundable. Certificates issued serve as proof of class completion and do not imply endorsement from Pixie Dust.


Scheduling an appointment and/or paying for services constitutes an agreement by the client to abide by all the terms and conditions stated above.

At the beginning of the session, all clients have the opportunity within the initial 5 minutes to decide if the reading aligns with their expectations. If they find it unsuitable during this time, they can conclude the session, and no charges will apply. However, if they continue the session beyond this point, they implicitly agree to the terms and conditions outlined.

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