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Do you have anxiety, trouble sleeping or any pain? Have you ever tried an Amethyst mat?  Amethyst is a powerful crystal that helps eleviate pain, anxiety and improve your sleep. It can help with putting you in a meditative state and clear your mind. This mat heats up and has over 1,000 Amethyst chips. Imagine having access to this mat whenever you want. 


Clients have reported back after using the mat stating:

  • " I was so anxious before using the mat and after being on the mat for 30 minutes I felt completly calm. This mat really work."
  • " My shoulder was stiff and painful before and after 30-45 minutes of being on the mat,  I could move my shoulder and I didnt feel painful. This mat is magic." 
  • " Ive never felt more relaxed than when I was laying on the mat. I loved how it warmed up."


Amethyst healing mat

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