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Our brand specializes in intention and energy-infused roller balls. Elevate-my-life is a brand that combines the principles of crystal healing with modern lifestyle needs. The crystal-infused roller balls are crafted with specific intentions in mind harnessing the energetic properties of the crystals that promote balance clarity and vitality. All Elevate My Life products are infused with Reiki and Light language, created by energy healer Anna.



Frankincense essential oil infused with Obsidian crystals

Obsidian roller ball 

Relaxation, de-stress, Repel negative energy


Revive and Thrive 

Eucalyptus essential oil infused with Carnelian crystals

Carnelian roller ball

Mental Clarity, overall wellness and helps you to feel better


Creativity & Self Confidence

Ylang Ylang essential oil infused with Sodalite crystals 

Sodalite roller ball 

Helps boost your  self confidence and encourage your creativity 


Tranquil Aura 

Lavender essential oil infused with Amethyst crystals 

Amethyst roller ball 

Peaceful and soothing energy


Focus and Clarity 

Pepermint essential oil infused with Fluorite crystals 

Fluorite roller ball

Brings Clarity to your mind and helps you focus 


Fortune Fusion

Bergamot essential oil infused with Aventurine crystals 

Aventurine roller ball 

Attract good luck and uplift your mood



Rose geranium essential oil infused with Rose Quartz crystals 

Rose Quartz roller ball 
Balance and reduce stress



Patchouli and Cedarwood essential oils infused with Tigers Eye crystals 

Tigers Eye Roller ball 

Grounding, Protection, Courage and Clarity 

Intention & energy infused roll on oils

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