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OOO so Sexy!!

Try out our new pheromone mood spray "Sexy Time" made in house by Anna. This powerful perfume has 5 different essential oils that are tailored specifically for increasing libido and enhancing other aspects of intimacy.

Oils used:

Rose oil- Increases dopamine, which is helpful in lowering anxiety and nerves. It acts as a natural aphrodisiac and increases sexual stamina and thoughts, which help increase libido.

Ylang Ylang- this is one of the key oils that come with euphoric properties that can help with passion and desire.

Jasmine- Jasmines oil is rich, sweet aroma has been used to increase libido and foster intimacy.

Sandalwood- when inhaled, the oil can increase levels of desire.

Clary Sage- Balance hormonal health. The oil lowers stress hormones and this is helpful in creating an intimate mood.

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