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Shadow Work and Tarot

A Tarot reading with the intention of introducing “shadow work” can be considered “Tarot

therapy”: a focus on one’s spiritual well being. It aims to reach beyond the workings of the mind to the inner workings of the soul. 

Shadow work:

  • Addresses issues of Self

  • Empowers self awareness

  • Focuses on the Present

  • Offers tools to effect favorable outcomes and living a more conscious life

  • Encourages responsibility in co-creating one’s future reality

Linda’s Tarot readings are unconventional. She weaves the journey of one’s own life into the journey of the Tarot. Unlike a more traditional Tarot reading it may address not just one “problem situation” but a series of issues. Linda’s readings have a psychological slant by aiming for clarity of a situation. The readings focus on the NOW experience yet allows for exploration of the past to reveal a deeper soul level comprehension of the experience. Her readings are not goal or action oriented but are soul centered and focus on helping the client concentrate on BEING all that they can be vs doing. A change in perspective on issues based on authenticity of one’s heart and soul vs an external source is the type of outcome one might expect. These readings offer the client an opportunity for self empowerment and higher level decisions which determine one’s response to any life challenge. What Linda offers with her readings is an introduction to shadow work. Shadow work is a spiritual practice which over time ensures successful manifestation of your heart's desires and healing your inner child. Shadow work and inner child work are one and the same. This is because our “shadow” is created during childhood. Experiences from childhood associated with trauma, pain and shame motivates the “disturbed” child to create self-limiting beliefs to help feel safe. The child begins to avoid/evade/hide any emotions too difficult to manage. Carl Jung, a Swiss psychoanalyst, coined the term “shadow” to represent this hiding place. This space in one’s psyche is called the “subconscious”: below awareness. If the child grows into an adult, never having confronted these repressed memories, thoughts, beliefs or emotions the child becomes vulnerable to the trigger of any number of life challenges and puts themselves at risk of a crisis situation. The hope of being safe from what one fears never materializes. Ultimately, one’s failed efforts for safety leave one feeling unfulfilled and victimized by fears.

Some common limited beliefs or “core wounds” a child tends to bury in their subconscious are not feeling good enough, believing they’re worthless, they’re incapable of fixing the problem or someone else has to rescue them. Often experiences around limited beliefs are reinforced through our interactions with friends, family, teachers and the world around us. We

learn repeatedly that if these beliefs are not confronted and worked through, they become our “shadow self”. They skew one’s visions, perceptions and expectations in life; keeping us from moving forward. Engaging in shadow work can be very transformational and has many benefits.

It helps to bring awareness to repressed emotions, memories, thoughts, and

beliefs which hold us back. When we work through the dark self defeating and self sabotaging

perceptions, we meet up with our inner light. Shadow work dispels the darkness and introduces the opportunity to meet for the first time, our authentic self. By confronting our shadow self and accepting our inner truth, we learn to embrace our personal power and the

confidence it offers. We meet our emotional needs in a healthier manner when confronting guilt, shame, and anger that have for so long influenced our behavior. Releasing this emotional baggage allows the opportunity for experiencing curiosity, adventure and joy. Releasing old wounds liberates us. Healing our hurts from the inside out allows a purging of fears and a surrendering of old conditioning/programming. This allows for the

opportunity to integrate all our soul’s lessons. We take a step into the future having taken responsibility for having a joyful and fulfilling life.

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